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Question 1
Kylie played basketball with her cousins.
A. KylieB. played
C. basketballD. cousins
Question 2
Their dog chased our cat.
A. catB. dog
C. theirD. chased
Question 3
Dad drives me to school every morning.
A. drivesB. every
C. dadD. school
Question 4
Who broke my truck?
A. truckB. who
C. brokeD. my
Question 5
We watched the movie with our parents.
A. movieB. watched
C. parentsD. with
Question 6
Did you invite Daniel to the party?
A. DanielB. party
C. toD. invite
Question 7
My mother will teach me science.
A. motherB. science
C. teachD. my
Question 8
Joseph threw the ball.
A. JosephB. ball
C. theD. threw
Question 9
I mailed those letters yesterday.
A. mailedB. letters
C. yesterdayD. I
Question 10
My sister and I set the table.
A. myB. table
C. setD. and
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