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Question 1
The fox was hungry.
A. foxsB. foxes
C. foxeesD. none of the above
Question 2
I ride the bus to school everyday.
A. bussB. busese
C. busesD. bus's
Question 3
He gave me a peach to eat.
A. peachesB. peachs
C. peach'esD. none of the above
Question 4
He will carry the box.
A. boxsB. boxies
C. boxessD. boxes
Question 5
The chair was broken.
A. chairsB. chaires
C. chair'sD. none of the above
Question 6
The girl was playing.
A. girlesB. girlies
C. girlsD. none of the above
Question 7
Did you see my cat?
A. catesB. caties
C. catsD. none of the above
Question 8
Where is my watch?
A. watchsB. watches
C. watchiesD. none of the above
Question 9
She was wearing a beautiful dress.
A. dressyB. dresses
C. dressiesD. none of the above
Question 10
Tom wants to buy a book.
A. book'sB. bookes
C. bookasD. books
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