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Question 1
A carpet measuring 9 m by 6 m has a border of width 1 m on all the sides of it. Find the area covered by all the four borders of the carpet.
A. 24 sq.mB. 44 sq.m
C. 26 sq.m D. 54 sq.m
Question 2
Mr. Allen got his house constructed on a piece of land measuring 140 m by 60 m leaving an open space having width of 12 m all around the house. What is the area of the open space?
A. 4224 sq.m B. 4244 sq.m
C. 4424 sq.m D. 2224 sq.m
Question 3
A rectangular park having length of 72 m and breadth of 54 m is surrounded by a path of 2.5 m wide. Find the area of the path.
A. 665 sq.m B. 655 sq.m
C. 645 sq.m D. 555 sq.m
Question 4
The dimension of a conference hall is 14 m × 12 m. If each person occupies area of 280 sq.cm Find how many persons can be accommodated in the hall?
A. 8000 persons B. 4000 persons
C. 6000 persons D. None of the above.
Question 5
The side of a square wall is 12 m. Find the cost of painting the wall at the rate of $ 10 per square m?
A. $2240 B. $1240
C. $1420 D. $1440
Question 6
Find the area of the cross roads in the following figure.
A. 160 m²B. 168 m²
C. 158 m²D. 148 m²
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Question 7
The area of a rectangular playground is 2880 sq m. If the breadth of the playground is 48 m. Find the length? What will be the cost of fencing the boundary of the playground at the rate of $5 per meter?
A. Lt = 40m, cost = $2080 B. Lt = 68m, cost = $1000
C. Lt = 60m, cost = $1080 D. None of these.
Question 8
The area of a rectangular swimming pool is 750 sq m. If the length of the swimming pool is 50 m, find the width.
A. 45 m B. 15 m
C. 25 m D. 55 m
Question 9
Jane wants to tile her kitchen floor measuring 12 ft by 8 ft. The dimension of each tile is 2 ft by 1.5 ft. Find the number of tiles required to tile the floor.
A. 82 tilesB. 72 tiles
C. 38 tilesD. 32 tiles
Question 10
The area of a square field is 72.25 sq.m. One of the sides is 8.5 m. What will be the perimeter of the field?
A. 44 m B. 34 m
C. 64 m D. 14 m
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