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Question 1
The tire of the car is flat.
The ________ tire is flat.
A. carB. car's
C. carsD. none of the above
Question 2
The wings of the butterfly are colorful.
The __________ wings are colorful.
A. butterflyB. butterflys
C. butterfly'sD. none of the above
Question 3
The third page of the book is ripped.
The _________ third page is ripped.
A. book'sB. books
C. bookesD. none of the above
Question 4
The kite belongs to Nathan.
It is _________ blue kite.
A. NathansB. Nathan's
C. Nathans'esD. none of the above
Question 5
The bike belongs to Jerry.
It is _______ bike.
A. Jerry'sB. Jerry
C. JerrysD. none of the above
Question 6
The nails of the dog are big.
The ______ nails are big.
A. dogsB. dog
C. dog'sD. none of the above
Question 7
The craft of Ruby and Cindy was the best.
______________ craft was the best.
A. Ruby's and Cindy'sB. Ruby and Cindy
C. Ruby Cindy'sD. Ruby and Cindy's
Question 8
The scarf of Maria is red.
________ scarf is red.
A. MariaB. Marias
C. Maria'sD. none of the above
Question 9
The name of my babysitter is Jessica.
My __________ name is Jessica.
A. babysittersB. babysitter's
C. babysitterD. none of the above
Question 10
These bags belong to the children.
These are the _____________ bags.
A. childrensB. children
C. children'sD. none of the above
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