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The following text/image is for 1 through 10
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Question 1
Find an appropriate title for the article above.
A. Australian childrenB. Australia
C. Children's Rights in AustraliaD. Health care in Australia
Question 2
Persons of what age are considered children in Australia?
A. below the age of twelveB. below the age of eighteen
C. below the age of twentyD. below the age of five
Question 3
What is the minimum age to join the armed services in Australia?
A. 12B. 25
C. 39D. 17
Question 4
What is the age between which children must be educated in Australia?
A. between the ages of five to twentyB. between the ages of ten to sixteen
C. between the ages of five to sixteenD. between the ages of five to sixty
Question 5
How can Australian children access health care?
A. via Australia's United Health ProgramB. via Australia's Universal Health Insurance Program
C. via Australia's Federal Health Insurance ProgramD. via Australia's External Health Insurance Program
Question 6
Which of the following are internal self-governing territories of Australia?
A. Norfolk Island and Territory of Cocos IslandsB. Territory of Christmas Island and Australian Capital Territory
C. Australian Capital Territory and the Northern TerritoryD. Australian Capital Territory and the Eastern Territory
Question 7
Which of the following facts is NOT correct?
A. Children below the age of sixteen are unable to be charged with a criminal offense.B. Education of children is compulsory in Australia.
C. Norfolk Island is essentially self-governing territory.D. Australia has a federal constitutional system.
Question 8
How many states are there in Australia?
A. ThreeB. Six
C. FiveD. Eight
Question 9
What type of constitutional system does Australia have?
A. FederalB. Unitary
C. ConfederationsD. All of the above
Question 10
Which of the following is an external territory of Australia?
A. Northern TerritoryB. New South Wales
C. QueenslandD. Norfolk Island
Free Worksheets From myTestBook.com ------ © myTestBook.com, Inc.

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