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The following text/image is for 1 through 5
Once upon a time there was a little man with a bent back who was called the wise little bowman because he used his bow and arrow so very well. This crooked little man said to himself: "If I go to the king and ask him to let me join his army, he's sure to ask what a little man like me is good for. I must find some great big man who will take me as his page, and ask the king to take us." So the little bowman went about the city looking for a big man.

One day he saw a big, strong man digging a ditch "What makes a fine big man like you do such work?" asked the little man.

"I do this work because I can earn a living in no other way," said the big man.

"Dig no more," said the bowman. "There is in this whole country no such bowman as I am; but no king would let me join his army because I am such a little man. I want you to ask the king to let you join the army. He will take you because you are big and strong. I will do the work that you are given to do, and we will divide the pay. In this way we shall both of us earn a good living. Will you come with me and do as I tell you?" asked the little bowman.
Question 1
Why was the little man called bowman?
A. because he was strong and bigB. because he used to dig ditches for living
C. because he used his bow and arrow so very wellD. because he has lots of bows and arrows
Question 2
What did the little man want to do?
A. join the king's gardenersB. join the king's army
C. join the king's courtD. join the big man's army
Question 3
Where did the little bowman go to look for a big man?
A. to the hillsB. to the forests
C. to the cityD. to the castle
Question 4
What was the big man doing when the little bowman first saw him?
A. exercisingB. planting trees
C. carrying a heavy loadD. digging a ditch
Question 5
Why did the little bowman think that no king would let him join his army?
A. because he was littleB. because he was too smart
C. because he was bigD. because he was ill
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The following text/image is for 6 through 10
A mango-tree grew on the bank of a great river. The fruit fell from some of the branches of this tree into the river, and from other branches, it fell on the ground.

Every night a troop of Monkeys gathered the fruit that lay on the ground and climbed up into the tree to get the mangoes.

One day the king of the country stood on the bank of this same river, but many miles below where the mango-tree grew. The king was watching the fishermen with their nets.

As they drew in their nets, the fishermen found not only fishes but a strange fruit. They went to the king with the strange fruit. "What is this?" asked the king. "We do not know, O King," they said.
Question 6
Where did the mango tree grow?
A. in the castle gardenB. on the bank of a river
C. outside the fisherman's houseD. behind the temple
Question 7
Where did the mangoes fall?
A. into the castleB. on the roof of the castle
C. into the pondD. into the river and on the ground
Question 8
When did the troop of monkeys gather the mangoes?
A. early morningB. in the afternoon
C. at nightD. in the evening
Question 9
What was the king watching standing on the bank of the river?
A. the troop of monkeysB. the mango tree
C. the fishermen with their netsD. the foresters
Question 10
What did the fishermen find in their nets along with the fish?
A. a strange fruitB. a strange animal
C. a strange plantD. a strange flower
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