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Question 1
I ________ this for my sister.
A. maidB. mad
C. madeD. none of the above
Question 2
The mother _______ loves to cuddle her cubs.
A. bearB. beer
C. bareD. bore
Question 3
She went to get a ________ cut.
A. hareB. here
C. herD. hair
Question 4
They _____ the match.
A. oneB. won
C. onD. none of the above
Question 5
They will be coming here next ________.
A. weakB. wiek
C. weekD. none of the above
Question 6
I would like to ________ her.
A. meetB. meat
C. mietD. none of the above
Question 7
He gave me a _______ paper to write.
A. planeB. pleen
C. plainD. plone
Question 8
I saw _______ boys standing at the door.
A. tooB. two
C. toD. none of the above
Question 9
I bought one _______ of socks.
A. pairB. pare
C. pearD. none of the above
Question 10
_______ going to China this summer.
A. ThereB. Their
C. theD. They're
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