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Question 1
An __________ expresses action.
A. helping verbB. linking verb
C. action verbD. noun
Question 2
A ___________ is a verb that connects the subject of the sentence to information about that subject.
A. helping verbB. action verb
C. auxiliary verbD. linking verb
Question 3
_____________work with an action verb to help the action of the sentence.
A. helping verbsB. linking verbs
C. pronounsD. action verbs
Question 4
Select an action verb.
A. willB. jumped
C. isD. should
Question 5
Select an action verb.
A. tastesB. are
C. builtD. were
Question 6
Select the linking verb.
A. soundB. seem
C. tasteD. all of the above
Question 7
Select the helping verb.
A. canB. may
C. mustD. all of the above
Question 8
Choose the word that is NOT a helping verb.
A. isB. were
C. whereD. are
Question 9
Choose the word that is NOT a helping verb.
A. whenB. should
C. mightD. has
Question 10
Choose the word that is NOT a linking verb.
A. growB. smell
C. doesD. feel
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