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Question 1
Alex and Ruby carried the books to my room.
A. AlexB. carried
C. booksD. room
Question 2
Mrs. Carter was giving a grand party for her son.
A. partyB. giving
C. grandD. her
Question 3
Suddenly Patrick heard a loud noise.
A. suddenlyB. loud
C. PatrickD. heard
Question 4
Jackson found a jar of jelly in the cupboard.
A. foundB. jar
C. cupboardD. in the
Question 5
Ashton slowly unscrewed the lid of the juice can.
A. slowlyB. lid
C. unscrewedD. soda can
Question 6
Annie picked up the box and walked toward her desk.
A. AnnieB. box, picked
C. deskD. picked, walked
Question 7
The bird pushed her cage door.
A. birdB. cage
C. pushedD. door
Question 8
The boys practiced tennis for most of the evening.
A. practicedB. team
C. eveningD. baseball
Question 9
Percy turned to the little girl at his side.
A. PercyB. little
C. turnedD. girl
Question 10
Jasmine covered the table with a bright red cloth.
A. Jasmine, coveredB. table, Jasmine
C. bright, clothD. covered
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