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The following text/image is for 1 through 5

Astronauts Opening Space Station Research Lab

Astronauts from the space shuttle Atlantis are formally opening the new laboratory at the International Space Station Tuesday.

Crewmembers set up electrical and data lines linking the new Columbus laboratory to the station. A European astronaut briefly floated inside the module for the first time. The crew also prepared for a second spacewalk to perform additional work on the lab Wednesday.

Also today, officials for the U.S. space agency NASA told the shuttle crewmembers they would not have to repair a loose thermal blanket near the shuttle's tail, saying the blanket does not pose a flight safety issue.

Astronauts conducted their first spacewalk of the current mission Monday to install the European research laboratory.

The Columbus laboratory will be used for a wide variety of experiments, including research on the impact of space travel on humans.
Question 1
What is Atlantis?
A. oceanB. space shuttle
C. space centerD. Space Station
Question 2
Where are the astronauts opening the new laboratory?
A. at the International Atlantis CenterB. at the space
C. at the Columbus Space StationD. at the International Space Station
Question 3
What is the name of the new laboratory?
A. Columbus laboratoryB. Space laboratory
C. New laboratoryD. NASA laboratory
Question 4
When is the new laboratory formally being opened?
A. On MondayB. On Wednesday
C. On TuesdayD. On Sunday
Question 5
Who floated inside the module for the first time?
A. A NASA scientistB. A European scientist
C. A European doctorD. A European astronaut
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The following text/image is for 6 through 10

French Air Traffic Controllers Strike Continues for 2nd Day

French air traffic controllers are in the second of a planned five-day strike that has disrupted some flights at Paris-Orly airport.

Half of the flights leaving Orly were canceled Tuesday morning, while others experienced delays. Air traffic is reported normal at Charles de Gaulle airport.

The General Labor Federation union called the strike to protest government plans to centralize air traffic control.

The strike is the latest labor action to snarl air traffic in and around Paris in recent months. Air France cabin workers went on strike in October for five days over pay and working conditions. In December and January, Air France ground crews joined protests by unions representing more than five million French workers.

Those job actions were called to protest President Nicolas Sarkozy's announced plans to streamline the public sector by not replacing half of all retiring civil servants.

Question 6
What problem has the French air traffic controllers' strike caused?
A. disrupted government plansB. disrupted flights
C. disrupted road workD. disrupted airport construction
Question 7
When were the flights leaving Orly canceled?
A. Tuesday morningB. Monday morning
C. Wednesday morningD. Monday and Tuesday morning
Question 8
Who called the strike?
A. President Nicolas SarkozyB. The General Labor Federation union
C. The General Labor Airport unionD. The Charles de Gaulle airport
Question 9
Why did the Air France cabin workers go on strike?
A. over government plans to centralize air traffic controlB. over government plans to build a new airport
C. over pay and working conditionsD. over job cuts by Paris Airport in October
Question 10
Who joined the protests in December and January?
A. Air France cabin workersB. Orly Airport workers
C. Air France pilotsD. Air France ground crews
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