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Question 1
When I _____ finished with my math homework, I want to go out with Aspen.
A. wereB. are
C. amD. is
Question 2
She _____ from Kansas.
A. wereB. is
C. amD. are
Question 3
_______ they joining us to the camping trip?
A. AreB. Is
C. WasD. Am
Question 4
Molly _______ interested in soccer now.
A. amB. is
C. wereD. was
Question 5
_______ you coming to the concert tonight?
A. WasB. Are
C. IsD. Am
Question 6
A high percentage of the people _________ voting for Mr. Jackson.
A. isB. am
C. areD. was
Question 7
Anna and Marilyn _______ my friends when I lived in London.
A. areB. is
C. wasD. were
Question 8
I ______ a computer programmer earlier, but now I teach computers at the Rockview Middle School.
A. wasB. were
C. amD. will
Question 9
She visited us last year, when she ______ in the city to attend a seminar.
A. wereB. am
C. wasD. is
Question 10
When I met you three years ago, you _______ working at a library.
A. wasB. is
C. amD. were
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