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The following text/image is for 1 through 10
Harry is coming to-day," Bert told Freddie, on the morning following the shell hunt, "and maybe Aunt Sarah will come with him. I'm going to get the cart now to drive over to the station. You may come along, Freddie, mother said so. Get your cap and hurry up," and Bert rushed off to the donkey barn to put Doodle and Dandy in harness.
Freddie was with Bert as quickly as he could grab his cap off the rack, and the two brothers promptly started for the station.
"I hope they bring peaches," Freddie said, thinking of the beautiful peaches in the Meadow Brook orchard that had not been quite ripe when the Bobbseys left the country for the seaside.
Numbers of people were crowded around the station when the boys got there, as the summer season was fast waning, so that Bert and Freddie had hard work to get a place near the platform for their cart.
"That's the train!" cried Bert. "Now watch out so that we don't miss them in the crowd," and the older brother jumped out of the cart to watch the faces as they passed along.
"There he is," cried Freddie, clapping his hands. "Harry! Harry! Aunt Sarah!" he called, until everybody around the station was looking at him.
"Here we are!" exclaimed Aunt Sarah the next minute, having heard Freddie's voice, and followed it to the cart.
"I'm so glad you came," declared Bert to Harry.
"And I'm awfully glad you came," Freddie told Aunt Sarah, when she stopped kissing him.
"But we cannot ride in that little cart," Aunt Sarah said, as Bert offered to help her in.
"Oh, yes, you can," Bert assured her. "These donkeys are very strong, and so is the cart. Put your satchel right in here," and he shoved the valise up in front, under the seat.
"But we have a basket of peaches somewhere," said Aunt Sarah. "They came in the baggage car."
"Oh goody! goody!" cried Freddie, clapping his little brown hands. "Let's get them."
"No, we had better have them sent over," Bert insisted, knowing that the basket would take up too much room, also that Freddie might want to sample the peaches first, and so make trouble in the small cart. Much against his will the little fellow left the peaches, and started off for the cliffs.
The girls, Dorothy, Nellie, and Nan, were waiting at the driveway, and all shouted a welcome to the people from Meadow Brook.
"You just came in time," declared Dorothy. "We are going to have a boat carnival tomorrow, and they expect it will be lovely this year."
As soon as Harry had a chance to lay his traveling things aside Bert and Freddie began showing him around.
"Come on down to the lake, first," Bert insisted. "Hal Bingham may have his canoe out. He's a fine fellow, and we have splendid times together."
"And you'll see my duck, Downy," said Freddie. "Oh, he's growed so big--he's just like a turkey."
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Question 1
Who is coming to Bert's house?
A. FreddieB. Henry
C. HarryD. Dorothy
Question 2
Who is going to come with Harry?
A. Aunt DorothyB. Aunt Sarah
C. Aunt EmmaD. Freddie
Question 3
Where are Bert and Freddie planning to go?
A. to the airportB. to Harry's house
C. to the orchardD. to the station
Question 4
What are Freddie and Bert driving to the station?
A. a truckB. a car
C. a horse cartD. a donkey cart
Question 5
Who likes peaches?
A. FreddieB. Sarah
C. BertD. Harry
Question 6
Where do Harry and Aunt Sarah live?
A. Brook OrchardB. Meadow Brook
C. Meadow PlaceD. Brook Town
Question 7
Where did the Bobbseys move to?
A. the countrysideB. the city
C. the seasideD. the farm
Question 8
Where were Dorothy, Nellie, and Nan waiting for Aunt Sarah and Harry?
A. at the stationB. at the door
C. at the barnD. at the driveway
Question 9
Where did Bert want to take Harry first?
A. to the lakeB. to his friend's house
C. to the barnyardD. to the playground
Question 10
Who owns the canoe?
A. BertB. Aunt Sarah
C. Hal BinghamD. Harry Bingham
Free Worksheets From myTestBook.com ------ © myTestBook.com, Inc.

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