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Question 1
Which is the measure of capacity in metric system?
A. CupB. Pint
C. QuartD. Liter
Question 2
Round 12 ft 8 in. to the nearest foot.
A. 13 ftB. 12 ft
C. 11 ftD. 14 ft
Question 3
One Pound equals to ________.
A. 10 ozB. 16 oz
C. 1 QuartD. 1 pint
Question 4
What is 46 in. to the nearest foot?
A. 6 ftB. 3 ft
C. 4 ftD. 5 ft
Question 5
Which is the measure of weight in U.S Customary system?
A. PoundsB. Grams
C. KilogramsD. Megagram
Question 6
Which one of the following is the most appropriate estimate of a classroom?
A. 30 inB. 30 yd
C. 30 metersD. 30 ft
Question 7
The measure of length in U.S Customary system is __________.
A. MeterB. Mile
C. centimeterD. decameter
Question 8
Joya is fond of drinking strawberry juice with her beautiful crystal drinking glass. Estimate the capacity of the glass?
A. 4 qtB. ½ gallon
C. 2 oz D. 1 pint
Question 9
What is the most reasonable height of the ceiling in your living room?
A. 30 cmB. 3 km
C. 3.5 mD. 30 m
Question 10
The capacity of a rectangular box is 80 cm3. Find the mass of the water that would fill the box?
A. 8 literB. 80 kg
C. 80 mlD. 80 g
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