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Facts about John F. Kennedy

Presidential Number: 35th
Years he was President: 1961-1963
State Represented: Massachusetts
Party Affiliation: Democrat
Fact(s): He liked to swim. He represented Massachusetts in the House of Representatives and the Senate.
Birthday: May 29, 1917
Birth place: Brookline, Massachusetts
School(s) attended: Harvard University
Wife: Jaqueline Kennedy
Occupation(s) before he was President: Journalist, author
Other way(s) he served: Served in Navy, Congressman, U.S. Senator
Height: 6 feet
Favorite Foods: New England clam chowder
Hobbies or Sports: Sailing, swimming, football
Pets: Ponies
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Question 1
Which party did John F. Kennedy represent?
A. RepublicanB. Democrat
C. IndependentD. None
Question 2
Where was John F. Kennedy born?
A. MichiganB. Illinois
C. NebraskaD. Massachusetts
Question 3
When was John F. Kennedy born?
A. 1961B. 1963
C. 1917D. 1920
Question 4
What year did John F. Kennedy become president of the United States of America?
A. 1963B. 1960
C. 1917D. 1961
Question 5
Which school did John F. Kennedy attend?
A. University of OxfordB. Harvard University
C. Stanford UniversityD. University of Massachusetts
Question 6
Which city was John F. Kennedy born?
A. BrooklineB. Brookview
C. BrookbineD. Brooklyn
Question 7
What occupation did John F. Kennedy have before becoming the president?
A. Doctor, ReporterB. Professor, Poet
C. Journalist, authorD. Lawyer, author
Question 8
What state did John F. Kennedy represent?
A. MaineB. Massachusetts
C. New YorkD. Michigan
Question 9
How many years did John F. Kennedy serve as the President of Unites States of America?
A. three yearsB. sixty-three years
C. four yearsD. two years
Question 10
Which of the following sports did John F. Kennedy like?
A. FootballB. Basketball
C. BaseballD. Hockey
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