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Question 1
happy + ly
A. happlyB. happyly
C. happilyD. hapilly
Question 2
notice + ing
A. noticeingB. noticing
C. notcingD. notticing
Question 3
time + ly
A. timelyB. timly
C. timellyD. timily
Question 4
plan + ing
A. planingB. planeing
C. plaingD. planning
Question 5
heavy + er
A. heavyerB. heavyier
C. heavierD. heavver
Question 6
gentle + man
A. gentlmanB. gentlemman
C. gentmanD. gentleman
Question 7
satisfy + ed
A. satisfyedB. satisfied
C. satisffiedD. satisfyied
Question 8
note + able
A. noteableB. notble
C. notebleD. notable
Question 9
hot + er
A. hotterB. hoter
C. hotierD. hotteer
Question 10
slip + ed
A. slipedB. slipped
C. slipiedD. slipd
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